What does the Planning Department do?
The Planning Department provides technical information and advice to elected and appointed boards and citizens on the appropriate use of land for private and public purposes. The Planning Director is appointed by the Mayor with the concurrence of the City Council.

The Planning Department is responsible for developing and maintaining the Comprehensive Plan for Papillion, maintaining zoning and subdivision regulations of the city and processing development applications that involve those regulations each year. The department's customers include the Mayor, the city elected boards, various city departments, state and federal agency officials, land developers and their agents and the general public. The Planning Department is responsible for staffing the Planning Commission and the Board of Adjustment.

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1. What does the Planning Department do?
2. Where is the department located and what hours are you open?
3. I think my neighbor is using his property illegally according to the zoning rules. Where do I make a complaint?
4. What can I do if my neighbor is trying to change the zoning on his/her property and I don't like his/her plans?
5. How can I get a map and/or aerial photo that shows the area around the property I am looking to purchase?
6. How can I tell if my property is inside or outside the city limits?
7. How do I find out the zoning designation on my property and my neighbor's property?