How do I sign up for water/sewer service?

Click on this link, City of Papillion InvoiceCloud, and choose “Sign up for water/sewer service”, or you may call the General Clerk at 402-597-2020.

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1. Does it cost anything to sign up for online bill payment?
2. What is InvoiceCloud?
3. What payment choices do I have?
4. What will my bill look like online?
5. What other information is available?
6. Do I need to pay my bills from my computer?
7. How do I know the payment went through?
8. Is my information safe?
9. Whom do I call with questions about my water bill?
10. How do I sign up for water/sewer service?
11. What are regular business hours?
12. What are the fees to establish water/sewer service?
13. How do I request a final reading?
14. How is my sewer usage calculated?