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About Mark Mooberry..

Mark has taught golf for over 40 years beginning in California, then Colorado and the last thirty years in Nebraska with the philosophy that golf is a game that can be enjoyed by anyone who picks up a club.  Instructing men, women and kids of all ages and abilities has always been the most rewarding aspect of being a PGA Professional.
Mark's main objective is to educate his students so their knowledge of the golf swing and the game; allow them to eventually be able to instruct themselves going forward.  By clearly understanding what causes good ball flight is imperative to improving a students' swing.  Developing a simple, fundamental and fluid swing is the ultimate goal.
For juniors, it's important to create a learning environment that does not smother the student with too much information that takes the fun away, so we strive to give the junior golfer "room to grow". Our program advocates getting juniors on the course so they have a quicker understanding of the challenges that occur when playing.
The process of learning how to properly strike a golf ball is varied and different for just about everyone.  My philosophy is to blend the mechanics of the swing with the natural feel the game requires. Being aware of the club face position at impact in relation to the swing path is a main goal to proper ball striking. When fundamentals are in place, developing a simple fluid swing is much easier to achieve.
Mark welcomes and looks forward to working with all golfers who strive to improve their swing and consequently increase their enjoyment of the greatest game ever created.

Lesson Types & Rates

Lesson Type Lesson Rate
Individual Private Lesson $75.00
         *One or Two People for 50 minutes  
 Individual Junior Private Lesson $60.00
         *One or Two Juniors for 50 minutes (High School and under)  
Series of Four Private Lessons $275.00
          *One or Two People for 50 minutes  
Group Instruction $25.00 per person
           *Three to Five People for 60 minutes  
30 Minute Quick Fix $40.00
3 Hole Playing Lesson $70.00
Mark Mooberry, PGA