Water Meters

Reading Water Meters

City of Papillion employees read your meter each month. The approximate date of your meter reading is listed on the left side of your monthly bill. In order to provide reliable service, it is sometimes necessary for our employees to visit your home on an unscheduled day.

Whenever our employees are in the field, they are there to provide a valuable service to you. Meter readings allow the City of Papillion to ensure your bill reflects your actual water usage.


Dogs are unpredictable, and a dog who is gentle with friends and family has the natural instinct to protect his home against a perceived intruder. It's up to you, the homeowner and customer, to take the responsibility to restrain your dog when the meter reader arrives. Check your bill for your next scheduled meter read date, and be ready to lock up your pup while the meter reader works.


Locked gates are another impediment to our meter readers. Again, being aware of the meter read date will allow you to unlock your gates long enough to give our employees access to your meter, which they are entitled by City ordinance. Also, please don't let trash or other household items impede access to your meter.


Our employees carry City of Papillion identification. They also wear shirts bearing the City logo. If you have any doubts about someone claiming to be a City employee, call us at 402-597-2043 for verification.

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