Business Liaison

Emergency Business Contact Information

The Business Liaison program seeks to annually update the emergency business contact information of every known non-residential business location in Papillion. This information is forwarded to the Sarpy County 911 Dispatch Center for use in situations where a business has been compromised after hours and responsible parties for the business are needed to respond. If you wish to update your business's emergency business contact information, print out the form below and fax it to the number on top of the form.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

CPTED is a program designed to give ideas about aspects of the layout of a property that make it more vulnerable to criminal activity and what changes could be made to make it a less vulnerable target. The four areas that CPTED addresses are:
  • Natural Access Control
  • Natural Surveillance
  • Territorial Reinforcement and
  • Maintenance
Addressing these 4 areas not only makes a business a less likely target of criminal activity, but it also makes a business feel more attractive and safer to customers. A CPTED assessment can be provided by trained personnel of the Papillion Police Department at no cost to your business; and you are not required to implement any of the suggestions. Suggestions offered are not a guarantee all crime will be prevented. CPTED suggestions do not revolve around making your business into a fortress. Through strategic placement of landscaping, lighting, break areas and thoughtful inspection of foot traffic patterns, a business can be made both more attractive to customers and less attractive to criminals. If you would like a CPTED assessment performed on your business, contact the Papillion Police Department at 402-597-2035 and ask for the Crime Prevention Unit or email.