How Our Government Works

The City of Papillion has a mayor/council form of government. The Mayor is elected at large by popular vote of the people for a four-year term. The City of Papillion is divided into four wards, each ward represented by two Council members, making a total of eight Council members. Every two years, four of the Council seats are open for election (one seat in each ward). The Council member must be an elector in the City and reside in the ward from which he or she is elected.

City Council

The Mayor presides at all City Council meetings and has the right to vote when his or her vote shall provide the vote required to create a majority. He or she has the superintending control of all the offices and affairs of the City and must ensure that the ordinances of the City and provisions of law relating to a city of the first class are complied with. He or she may administer oaths and signs the commissions and appointments of all officers appointed in the City. The Mayor has the power to veto any ordinance, by-law, resolution, contract or the allowance of any claim. The mayor shall communicate to the City Council such information and recommend such measures as in his or her opinion may tend to the improvement of the finances of the City, the police, health, comfort and general prosperity of the City.

The City Council is the legislative division of city government. The Council maintains the peace, regulates business, protects the public health and safety, assesses such taxes and fees as are necessary, and appropriates funds in the exercise of these functions.

The City Council elects one of its members as president, and in the absence of the Mayor, the president presides at meetings of the Council.